Don’t be an April fool

April, 1 – BY LORIE HELLIWELL – So midday April 1 has come and gone and the opportunity to play a prank on friends and colleagues has passed for another year. Hopefully you escaped – unlike Sabrina in the office here, who found her desk wrapped in cling film like a long-haul suitcase. To explain why would take too long… when what’s important, is to remember opportunities like April 1st and all the “special” days around the world provide employee/internal communication professionals with great opportunities to pep up our communications with employees.

Why not have an out of the ordinary special ‘4th of July’ message  from the CEO for example, or ‘Carnival’ celebration theme to recognise employees as part of your engagement program? The opportunities to reiterate corporate messaging  while being  creative are endless. Just think what you could do to celebrate your national, cultural or ceremonial festivals, and then plan in advance a calendar of communication “events” throughout the year that mark progress, engage employees and celebrate success. And importantly have fun.

Who said employee communication has to be dull?