Case Studies

Auditing to assist a smooth transition


UnitingCare NSW.ACT has been building a shared services model across their marketing and communication services over the last 18 months, as part of a strategic direction for sustainability and streamlining of the organisation. Communication and Marketing services for UnitingCare Children Young People and Families were next in line to be consolidated into this new model. UnitingCare wanted to ensure consistency of service through this transition, however did not have a clear picture of the activities currently taking place.
UnitingCare knew that an independent audit would be necessary to subjectively capture the complete picture of activities across the organisation. With a strong background in communication audits and effectiveness research, opr Employee Experience successfully responded to the request for proposal.


opr Employee Experience were based onsite for the audit, to enable close working with the UnitingCare Communication and Marketing team. This also allowed us to see the organisation in action and pick up on nuances that would have been missed if working offsite. We also conducted focus groups with key stakeholders to develop deeper insights into perceptions of effectiveness of marketing and communications activities.

Although not part of the initial brief, opr Employee Experience also undertook a survey of all the division’s employees, as it was also important to get the wider view.


The combination of the completed audit, focus groups and survey gave UnitingCare a rich picture of the current marketing and communications work to be transitioned. While the initial brief was to audit, opr Employee Experience was able to provide additional value. We identified opportunities for efficiencies through the transition, and developed recommendations of how to improve the new structure. We also provided insights into employees’ concerns about the move to a shared services model, and what they would like to see change.
As a result of this work, opr Employee Experience has been asked to undertake a further audit and research project, to assess the rest of the organisation’s communication and marketing activities.