Case Studies

Constructing Leadership Capabilities

With significant forecast growth continuing to increase pressure on recruiting, retaining and developing a 7,500-strong workforce, a key priority for Leighton Contractors was strengthening leaders’ capabilities in aligning its people with the business strategy.

Through qualitative research, Impact demonstrated employees were positive about the increasing number of engagement opportunities with the CEO and Executive Management Team, but wanted more localised information about where the business was going, and more visible leadership and greater recognition from the tier below.

Impact partnered with the CEO, Executive Team and Corporate Communications to create the company’s first ever leadership summit for their 100 top leaders. The two day event gained leaders’ commitment to engage their people with the business strategy and the brand, and gave them the skills to deliver consistent, credible messages confidently to their teams.

The results speak for themselves: 96% of participants agreed they understood their role in communicating the brand, values and guiding behaviours; 89% agreed that they knew how to localise the business direction for their team and 96% of participants agreed that the event was worthwhile.