Case Studies

Global Safety Leaders

Qantas needed to improve the level of workplace safety with all ground services. A new safety program required large-scale behavioural change for thousands of people and compliance with different legislations. Qantas wanted this new safety program to be regarded as world best practice in ground safety.

Impact created the strategic campaign ‘Safe Airline For Everyone (S.A.F.E)’. It was rolled out to all Qantas ground service employees in May 2002. Manager engagement was a key element of the approach and a tailored toolkit was created for each manager to use when educating their teams about the new workplace safety procedures. The campaign was highly visual to ensure high impact with posters, presentations and a video. The ground work behind the strategy came from Impact’s research engagement tool, ‘Word On The Street’. It ensured the messages and strategy were developed with the key audience’s issues and needs as a priority.

The campaign was incredibly successful and highly regarded. Qantas experienced more than an 80% reduction in the ‘lost time due to injury’ frequency rate. There was a significant increase in productivity equating to millions of dollars in savings. The effectiveness of the campaign has ensured its long life in Qantas and it has since been refreshed with a target for ‘No Injuries’.