Case Studies

Reducing Energy Consumption

In line with the company’s sustainability objectives and with the support of NSW’s Department of Environment and Climate Change, packaging giant AMCOR recognised in order to reduce energy usage at its Smithfield plant, a critical success factor would be shifting employee behaviour.

Employee research carried out by Impact revealed the majority of employees did not understand the environmental consequences of their behaviour and were unfamiliar with switch locations or start-up / shut-down procedures.

The subsequently award-winning Project GreenLight campaign – bright ideas for a green future – was developed providing training and guidelines around the desired behaviours. Tactics included a video with employees talking about the environment, global warming and what it meant for them, as well as reminder cards produced in a number of languages.

Sustained employee behaviour change resulted in a 30% reduction in base load energy consumption overnight and a 70% reduction over the weekends. At launch AMCOR Smithfield saved the equivalent of two weeks worth of energy use simply through employee behaviour change.

This campaign was recognised both internationally and locally in 2006, winning a prestigious IABC Gold Quill for communication and a NSW Green Globe award.