Case Studies

Refining Talkback

Caltex Australia Limited, the largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products in Australia, recognised engaging their 1000 refining operations employees was critical if they were going to achieve their goal to be a high performance, continuous improvement organisation.

From our ‘Word On The Street’ research, a key challenge identified was the need to strengthen the connection with the leadership team and improve the cascade of open, honest information down the line.

As part of a broader engagement strategy, Impact produced the Refining Talkback radio program, where the senior leadership team openly discussed employee concerns with representatives from across their two refining plants. This program gave employees, many of whom work shifts, the opportunity to hear the senior leadership team responding to their questions. Accompanying this program were support materials for supervisors to help them stimulate discussion around key workplace issues in their weekly meetings.

A pulse check survey revealed that 75% of employees had listened to Talkback and over half of the employees sampled believed that the program demonstrated that the leadership team cared about addressing employees’ issues.