How we do it

Channel & content creation

Our team loves the ‘doing’ of communication as much as the strategy. Creating great content is where we shine.  Our blend of strategic thinkers, business-savvy doers, compelling storytellers and fresh-thinking creatives are ready to tackle any content challenge.

We can create a whole suite of content for a major change or lend a pair of hands to support your busy internal comms team.

We provide a fresh perspective, a sharp focus on the outcome and help you craft the right messages in the right channel to get cut through.

Research and measurement

To find answers you need to start with the right questions. Our core offering includes:

  • Our tried and tested Word on the Street (WOTS), comprising qualitative field research, including focus group facilitation and quantitative research – online or paper-based
  • Internal communication channel audits
  • Pulse checks, telephone research
  • Situational analysis, benchmarking

Our reputation for providing an ethical and confidential service has been earned from successfully completing more than 90 research projects and constantly seeking new ways to add value and inform our clients.


Getting to the heart of exactly what you want to say and saying it well is as challenging as it is important for any organisation. We can help you develop messages that have impact, are memorable and will build a solid foundation for your organisation’s story.

Good key messages are enduring, easily understood and form the basis for a whole range of other communications that work.

We can also support you with Leadership Communication and Coaching and Training to ensure your messages are being delivered with credibility and impact.

Workshop facilitation

We’ve all lost hours of our lives in bad meetings and dire workshops. At opr Employee Experience we believe life is too short so we take facilitation seriously. We make our workshops fizz, stimulate real conversations and finish up with real outcomes.

Great workshops require clear objectives, good planning and a shared goal. Our skilled and objective facilitators work with our clients to guide the process, sustain an environment of trust and respect and move to a desired outcome.

Every group and situation is different and our team has a wealth of techniques and approaches to ensure a flexible and suitable approach that works for each client.

Change impact assessment

A change impact assessment is a framework to help your organisation plan and prepare for change – in whatever form you face it.

Our methodology and tools help build clarity around key issues:

  • Who in the business is being impacted
  • What is happening now, and what will change
  • The degree of change they will experience
  • What needs to be done to make the change work
  • The benefits of the change for those impacted
  • Risks and mitigating actions

To develop a change impact assessment, we start by working with the people in your organisation who understand the change and the business drivers behind it.  Change impact assessments are supported by a solid communication framework tailored to guide your people towards engagement and then adoption, taking everyone on the journey.

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