OgilvyEarth supports Earth Hour

March, 24 – Earth  Hour is just around the corner and whilst Facilities Managers will be on top of the big ticket items for office buildings, we as communicators can help encourage and engage  work colleagues to do their bit and contribute personally. So why not take ten minutes to communicate Earth Hour in your employee news channels today. Even though the environment is a serious subject, doing something positive doesn’t have to be.  Make your internal communication fun and engaging; perhaps set an employee challenge, a reminder screensaver or a light hearted call to action from a leader.

To be part of Earth Hour, when you’re leaving the office this Friday – hopefully you are not working in the office on Saturday night… but if you are then it must be really important, so you are excused – shut down and pull the plug on your computer, mobile phone chargers and any other items not in use. Where there is a switch, at least turning equipment off at the wall. And while you’re at it, why not engage your employees to get involved in Earth Hour at home too.

Whilst Earth Hour is a once a year campaign and ideally you exercise these behaviours all the time, getting involved in it helps you to think about what you can do to reduce energy use. The campaign has been very successful in raising awareness globally, so great to support the cause.

When I first had a go at switching appliances off at the wall at home and turning off unnecessary lights etc for Earth Hour a few years ago, I continued it as standard practice (I forgot occasionally to start with, but persistence paid off) and managed to save $30 a quarter on my electricity bill. Better than a kick in the pants and made a couple of very nice bottles of wine taste even better.

So spread the word!

Also check out this fun YouTube clip to share with colleagues, friends and family in the lead up to Earth Hour:

For more information on how you can support Earth Hour go to

Robbie Brown, Sustainability Strategist, OgilvyEarth