The Inside Story on employee communication in Australian organisations

With global economic uncertainty still bobbing around in the psyche of employees, organisations are now more than ever recognising the critical need to communicate and engage their workforces.

The Inside Story is our latest research into how Australian organisations are managing employee communication.

According to this new independent study:

  • Surprisingly, not all organisations affected by the downturn are communicating change impacts to their people
  • More attention is however being paid to communicating organisational values
  • Organisations are continuing to pay more attention to communicating environmental sustainability internally

Our study, undertaken by Sweeney Research, is Australian-centric and the first of its kind. It involved 100 public and private-sector organisations across a range of industries and identifies trends and insights around the current and changing internal communication landscape, and importantly, how Australian organisations are managing employee communication during the downturn.

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Download The Inside Story here