Steve Green

Senior Sustainability Strategist

Steve has spent his entire career dedicated to sustainability and climate change issues, and he is expert in sustainability and climate change strategy, sustainability reporting, stakeholder engagement and carbon policy and markets.

Steve began his career at the NSW Government’s Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) and has since worked with a range of leading organisations – spanning the private, public and NGO sectors – on sustainability and climate change initiatives. At SEDA, Steve specialised in business energy efficiency program development and coordination, communications and behavioural change.

Following SEDA, Steve worked as a Sustainability Advisor to Westpac, a global sector leader in sustainability. Steve managed the development of a range of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives for Westpac with a particular focus on climate change, sustainability and greenhouse reporting, policy development and ESG risk management within corporate and institutional lending. Steve also led the development of a range of environmentally-linked ‘green’ banking products and services.

Steve has also held commercial roles in a number of start-up climate change and carbon businesses. Steve was also involved in the development of community-based Emission Reduction projects (including under the Kyoto Clean Development Mechanism) around the world.

Most recently, Steve has been working with Nestlé Oceania on the development of its first sustainability report and long term strategy for the region.

Steve’s academic background is in marketing and communications.