What we do

opr Employee Experience is a global employee engagement, change and communication consultancy. Driving positive change in organisations is what we do.

Truly successful organisations are fuelled by motivated employees who make remarkable things happen. We work with business leaders to tap into the potential of their teams, inspire their people, bring their brand to life and accomplish business objectives.

We are about turbo-charging employee engagement and helping organisations prosper and thrive through change.

Move thinking – change behaviour – inspire advocacy – achieve results

Engaged employees

Great companies know engaged employees become advocates and ambassadors for their business and brand, giving them the ultimate competitive edge. When employees communicate with one voice on behalf of a brand, people start to pay attention. Customers become loyal customers. Dealers become business partners. Sales teams become successful lead generators. Your business is propelled forward by the power of people sharing simple stories, elegantly and quickly. We make this possible by working closely with our clients on:

  • Employer branding and employee value proposition (EVP)
  • Culture change and values programs
  • Employee reward and recognition programs
  • Communication research and audits
  • Restructure and offshoring communication
  • Industrial relations communication and negotiation support
  • Engaging content and channel creation

Change communication

Change is the only thing we can count on, yet most change initiatives fail to deliver – because it can be hard. And daunting. Great communication can guide organisations through change and make it work. Whatever change our clients are facing, from implementing a new IT system, to a major restructure, M&A or cultural transformation, we work to make it stick with a portfolio of services including:

  • End-to-end strategic support – from research through to roll out
  • 'Leading Through Change' training for leaders, change agents and messengers
  • Change impact assessments
  • Change communication frameworks
  • Change acceptance measurement
Whether clients are planning ahead or addressing a problem area, opr Employee Experience can jump in and partner at any stage of the change journey to help achieve the desired outcome.


Successful leaders and team managers are expected to be visible, authentic, accessible, instill confidence and inspire action from their teams. Not everyone who moves into the big chair or takes on managing teams is naturally adept at all these traits – which is where we can help. We foster leadership skills by guiding executives, and managers at all levels, to become effective leaders who can listen, communicate compellingly, motivate and understand their teams and keep everyone aligned to the broader goal. Our leadership and CEO communication services include:

  • First 100 day communication plan for new CEO or other leaders and managers
  • Key message development
  • CEO and leadership team coaching and communication skills training
  • Leadership communication skills workshops
  • Manager communication skills training and toolkits
  • Leadership summits
  • Executive media training and issues & crisis preparation
  • Issues and Crisis scenarios and coaching

Issues and crisis communication

Ogilvy ICU - Issues and Crisis Management Unit Crises and threats to your reputation can take a while to emerge, or strike quickly and without warning. Either way, when the tough stuff hits, you’ll want the best in the business by your side. Our crisis management experience delivers an integrated approach that tackles your challenges on all fronts and that's what makes us different. Ogilvy ICU team members are seasoned former political staffers, business advocates, journalists, trainers, social media and corporate reputation specialists.  We're known for our straight talking, practical approach and for the results we achieve. The Ogilvy ICU are adept in managing the most complex of crises – political, regulatory, legal, industrial, structural, physical, environmental and social.  We work with you to identify and mitigate reputational risks, plan, monitor and train for crises, work with you to manage crises, and support you when you’re in recovery mode. Ogilvy ICU is ready to swing into action and you can reach us 24/7 on +61 8281 3275 or 0427 894 817.