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Issues and crisis communication

Ogilvy ICU – Issues and Crisis Management Unit

Crises and threats to your reputation can take a while to emerge, or strike quickly and without warning. Either way, when the tough stuff hits, you’ll want the best in the business by your side.

Our crisis management experience delivers an integrated approach that tackles your challenges on all fronts and that’s what makes us different. Ogilvy ICU team members are seasoned former political staffers, business advocates, journalists, trainers, social media and corporate reputation specialists.  We’re known for our straight talking, practical approach and for the results we achieve.

The Ogilvy ICU are adept in managing the most complex of crises – political, regulatory, legal, industrial, structural, physical, environmental and social. 

We work with you to identify and mitigate reputational risks, plan, monitor and train for crises, work with you to manage crises, and support you when you’re in recovery mode.

Ogilvy ICU is ready to swing into action and you can reach us 24/7 on +61 8281 3275 or 0427 894 817.